Time to pound the pavements

Picture taken from:  https://robmosesphotography.com/2013/09/07/running-with-a-view/

This week, we’ve got something a little different here on the blog, Sardinia Yoga’s Amy shares her top tips to get you running again and enjoying the fresh (almost summery!!) air!

‘Don’t know about you but as soon as it gets cold it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll be out running. I tend to find that in the winter a lot of my exercise revolves around indoor activities like the gym or getting sweaty in a deliciously hot yoga studio. But there’s no hiding from it, spring is officially here so it’s time to pound those pavements once more!

After so long away from running though, it can feel like a bit of a daunting task, so here’s some tips to help get you back out there with confidence!

*Set a goal – is it 5k you want to get to? 10, half a marathon, a full marathon? Whatever it may be, set your intention and think about how you can get yourself there.

*Stretch! Stretching, stretching and more stretching! Obviously here at Sardinia Yoga we’re all about the stretching. Make sure you warm up those muscles before you get started. Stretching helps to lubricate your joints and muscles and gets the blood pumping round your body. Make sure you spend at least 5 minutes before you get started stretching yourself out and hold each stretch for at least 15 seconds! And don’t forget – the same goes for the end of your run to avoid injury!

*Start slowly – if you’re really feeling the effects of being away from running for so long try starting off with a brisk walk and then some slow jogging before you build yourself up to a full blown run.

*Get some proper running trainers – visit a specialist running shop and they can help you find the right trainers that will give you the support your ankles need!

*Recovery is so important, give yourself rest days, drink plenty of water and fill your body with the fuel it needs!

*Lastly, be patient and don’t let it dishearten you if you’re not quite where you were before those running shoes got packed away last winter – you’ll get there, just give it time!

*Remember, we aren’t medical professionals here at Sardinia Yoga so do seek medical advice if you’re injured or for a quick MOT before you start running again.’

Meet Georgia…


We’re excited to introduce you to Georgia, one of our amazing teachers here at Sardinia Yoga

Before taking a more spiritual path and becoming a yoga teacher Georgia worked for many years in the fashion industry as a stylist. She had been practicing yoga since the age of 17 and so decided to take the plunge and in travelled to India in 2013 and achieved a 200 hour certificate in Ashtanga Vinyasa. Since this she has also achieved qualifications in Yin Yoga studying under Norman Blair and the Yoga People and Georgia is also trained in Mandela Yoga, a form of yoga which incorporates the elements into practice.

Georgia’s teaching style is always evolving and changing, it weaves different disciplines into a creative and mindful flow designed to deepen the mind body connection and become more present. With a focus on breath awareness, alignment and fluidity of movement and her classes are always challenging but adaptable to all levels. Combining an anatomical focus with energetic guidance throughout to an encouraging playlist, keeping things fun with a sense of exploration and humour!

Georgia will be joining us in Croatia to teach from the 20th May, if you’d like to book your place here or at any of our other beautiful venues please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Get us to Dubrovnik!

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You would’ve had to be living under a BIG rock not to have heard about Game of Thrones, the hit HBO show that pretty much has it all – power struggles, plot twists, the best characters, a hell of a lot of nakedness and incredible locations and sets.

The city of Dubrovnik, in Croatia, plays host to this massive show! This is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and we’re lucky enough that we get to host Croatia Yoga just fifteen minutes down the road! So, not only could you spend a few days unwinding and reconnecting with us, there’s also an abundance of fun waiting for you in Dubrovnik!

Here’s a few fun facts for you:

  1. The city is surrounded by 2km of ancient walls and fortifications
  2. In 1979, UNESCO added the city of Dubrovnik to the list of World Heritage Centres
  3. You can tour the city finding all the spots where Game of Thrones was filmed on the Game of Thrones walking tour!
  4. You can also engage in almost every holiday activity you can think of in Dubrovnik. From jeep safari, horseback riding, canoe safari, kayaking, sailing to the Elafite Islands and a visit to the national park on the Island of Mljet. You’ll never be short of things to do.
  5. And last but by no means least…The city gets about 2630 hours of sunlight a year! Now where’s my passport?!

Just a quick note…

The view from the hotel just this morning!

April saw the opening of the season in Majorca and we are VERY excited by this!

From the 14th April we will have two teachers with us at a time and will be offering not one, but two yoga classes in Cala d’Or – a choice of gentle hatha and a vinyasa flow.

The beautiful beaches of Cala d’Or

We are fully booked over Easter but we do have some spaces after that for most dates in the season, so do get in touch to find out more or to book your place!

Finding the calm in the storm

Image taken from article by Nirmaljit Kaur, found here: here


It goes without saying in this day and age that everyone is busy, people are always struggling to find even a few minutes for themselves!

So if someone told you that you need to find an hour to sit still and empty your mind you’d probably send them packing! And how exactly are you supposed to empty your mind with everything you have going on?

But this emptying of the mind is important, meditation has so many health and wellbeing benefits. For a start it helps you deal with stress and negative emotions and multiple studies have shown that meditation can help reduce levels of anxiety and depression.

Where do you start though, when the thought of having to empty your mind for a whole hour is pretty intimidating? We’ve put together a few top tips to get you started:

  • Choose a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for ten minutes or longer.
  • Set an alarm for ten minutes, just make sure the alarm isn’t too loud when it goes off – you don’t want a rude awakening in ten minutes time!
  • Sit down – try sitting with your legs crossed and your hands in your lap. If the floor feels a little hard, use a cushion or two and get comfy.
  • It is important to maintain the natural curve of your back, so slouching is a no no!
  • Close your eyes and start by taking a few slow deep breaths – inhale through your nose and out through your mouth. Don’t force anything, just let it come naturally.
  • Straight away you will begin to feel more relaxed simply from this deep breathing. Become aware of each breath and how it enters and fills your lungs and then how it leaves when you exhale.
  • If your mind starts to wonder towards your to do list, bring it back and start focusing again on your breath. This can happen a lot at the beginning but it’s ok, just simply focus again on your breathing.
  • When your alarm goes off signalling the end of the meditation session open your eyes slowly and stand up and stretch yourself out.

If after a few attempts at ten minutes you find it getting easier, then try doing it a little longer and see how you find that. Just don’t punish yourself if it takes a while to get, because you will get there eventually.

The season’s starting!


Cala d’Or is opening its doors for the first time in 2017 on the 1st April – just one week away!

We can’t wait to welcome all our lovely yogi’s to the Hotel Cala d’Or. This hotel is so special – it was the first hotel to open in Cala d’Or and dates back to the 1930s and is still the only one on the bay so it’s like your own private bit of paradise!

The exclusive yoga classes are held on the shaded yoga space right by the beach and are great for beginners and experienced yogis alike, you can take the classes at your own pace.

The hotel comes with a pool, spa, gym, cafes and beautiful gardens and Palma d Majorca airport is less than an hour away, so transferring from airport to hotel is easy!

If all that isn’t enough the town of Cala d’Or is beautiful, with streets full of shops and bakeries serving delicious cakes and treats! So when you’re not on the mat or at the beach there’s plenty to do and see!

We will be out in Majorca from the 1 April till 20 May and again from 30 September till 4 November so if you’d like to find out more or book a place please drop us an email at bookings@sardiniayoga.com and we’ll be back in touch to help plan the perfect break for you!

Book a place in paradise


Porto Cervo is a beautiful Italian seaside resort in northern Sardinia and is home to Sardinia Yoga’s perfectly balanced yoga holidays.

We spend the summer at the Grand Hotel, a wonderful family owned beach front hotel with our yoga classes held every day on a shaded outdoor deck overlooking the beach. There’s a choice of Vinyasa flow and gentle Hatha yoga every morning.

The hotel itself has beautiful gardens, a pool, spa and gym and there’s lots of quiet, secluded spots to enjoy some well-deserved R&R in the sun.

We will be in Sardinia from 01 April to 20 May and again from 30 September till 04 November and we’d love for you to join us!

For more information or to book yourself a place in paradise please contact us on: bookings@sardiniayoga.com