Back to life, back to reality – or not!


The summer holidays may be over and ‘real life’’ may well have resumed somewhat but we’re still offering the ultimate relaxation get away at all three of our destinations…In case you need a holiday after your holiday!

  • In sunny Sardinia we’re open until 30th September
  • We’re still accepting guests in Croatia until the 7th October
  • In the beautiful town of Cala d’Or you’re still welcome from the 30th September until the 4th November

So, if a few days of yoga, sunshine and wonderful company is just the tonic then get in touch with us today and we can help you plan the perfect getaway!


Jessica joins us in Cala d’Or, Mallorca!


We asked one of our wonderful yoga teachers, Jessica to fill us in on the week she just spent in Mallorca at the end of May!

What was a typical morning like for you during your week with Cala d’Or yoga?

I would go to the gym early before the 8am class so that I could enjoy the space and do a HIIT circuit, then I’d grab a quick coffee before heading off to teach.

What was guests’ favourite restaurant in the area?

We had a beautiful tapas evening at a restaurant which was hidden just off Main Street – all the food looked amazing and the portions were super generous!

Where is your favourite secret spot?

I didn’t venture too far but the rocks to the left of the beach have what seems like a built in deck  chair – which was a perfect little reading spot.

What is the best way to while away a few hours after morning yoga and brunch?

The weather was just beautiful and I got through 4 books down at the beach – I can’t personally think of anything better than that when I’m away! Also mid-afternoon just when you’re starting to feel a little peckish someone comes and sells fresh pineapple, coconut and watermelon to your sunbed – just perfect!

Favourite moment of the trip?

Meeting a whole new group of beautiful, easy going, happy yogis in such a beautiful setting!

What should a guest never forget to bring?

A little top to put over your yoga vest on the bottom deck – sometimes at the very end of the class in savasana it gets cool. Other than that you don’t need to stress over anything and should you forget anything Cala d’Or shops totally have your back!

Any special memories from this particular trip?

Wendy stole all my laughs this trip – totally new to yoga and completely falling in love with child pose, Wendy if you read this we want you there every year, you were great fun!

If this sounds like your idea of heaven then take a look at our website and get in contact about booking your place with us!

Just a quick note…

The view from the hotel just this morning!

April saw the opening of the season in Majorca and we are VERY excited by this!

From the 14th April we will have two teachers with us at a time and will be offering not one, but two yoga classes in Cala d’Or – a choice of gentle hatha and a vinyasa flow.

The beautiful beaches of Cala d’Or

We are fully booked over Easter but we do have some spaces after that for most dates in the season, so do get in touch to find out more or to book your place!

The season’s starting!


Cala d’Or is opening its doors for the first time in 2017 on the 1st April – just one week away!

We can’t wait to welcome all our lovely yogi’s to the Hotel Cala d’Or. This hotel is so special – it was the first hotel to open in Cala d’Or and dates back to the 1930s and is still the only one on the bay so it’s like your own private bit of paradise!

The exclusive yoga classes are held on the shaded yoga space right by the beach and are great for beginners and experienced yogis alike, you can take the classes at your own pace.

The hotel comes with a pool, spa, gym, cafes and beautiful gardens and Palma d Majorca airport is less than an hour away, so transferring from airport to hotel is easy!

If all that isn’t enough the town of Cala d’Or is beautiful, with streets full of shops and bakeries serving delicious cakes and treats! So when you’re not on the mat or at the beach there’s plenty to do and see!

We will be out in Majorca from the 1 April till 20 May and again from 30 September till 4 November so if you’d like to find out more or book a place please drop us an email at and we’ll be back in touch to help plan the perfect break for you!

On Reflection

Jen Potter is one of our fabulous teachers at Sardinia Yoga. Not only is she a wonderful teacher she is also a great wordsmith and has kindly put together some thoughts on why a trip with Sardinia Yoga might be just the tonic!

‘Last May I taught in Mallorca with Sardinia Yoga.

A retreat is about getting away, ALMOST shutting down so you can recharge.

Even though we were in a hotel with other guests it felt like a retreat. The drive from the airport was amazing, windy roads through little villages and market squares.

Whether you go to a retreat or a yoga holiday you spend a good portion of the time reflecting. Reflecting is a type of meditation and we do it all the time.

When we are home, reflection time can be accompanied with occasional anxiety. Reflection can bring unwanted emotion which can lead to unhealthy habits. Or, we can feel overwhelmed and simply return to busy instead.

When you go on a Yoga Holiday there is time to reflect in a spacious manner and if it’s your preference – have a glass of wine every night. The first night we met in reception (optional) to go to dinner. I bonded with ladies from England and we spent every evening visiting restaurants and daytimes swimming or hopping on buses and renting cars.

It’s amazing how candid people can be when they get away from partners, children or jobs. The weird thing is – you can open up knowing you may never see these people again (everyone vows to stay in touch, but I suppose we rarely do).  

One lady came because she wanted to spend her time alone in reflection. That was fine. She loved the yoga and the chats at the breakfast table but then went off so that she could think about how to change her life back home.

On past Yoga retreats I’ve taught on, some people have come with relationship issues, looking for answers from the Yoga or teacher. Yoga Holidays are lighter because people are coming and going. It’s not the same folks for the entire week.

Others did group therapy over bottles of wine. Classic retreats are generally more intense. There is emphasis on the spiritual path of yoga, to come clean, to detox and eat lentils. But with Yoga Holidays it feels like your treating yourself to a spa break.

I always had enough time to be alone. I’d take a long walk around the marina to the Light House rock point. While looking out at the ocean, I realigned my heart and priorities. I asked stuff like: What hobby would enrich my life? How can I add this freshness to the weekday routine?

How can I bring vacation into my city life. Why can’t I just sit at a gorgeous cafe writing in my journal and see the beauty of my own neighbourhood?

I woke up the next day, the same questions came to mind. I find that I suddenly shift. This only happens when I take a break. My room had a lovely balcony. I could see how the locals lived – how they made their business..

At breakfast, I met new people. New conversations were delicious, like the food. The problem with buffets – we ate so much. Some had five cups of coffee before yoga… even though I warned being upside down might hurt.

A few women brought their partners. The husband wanted to learn about anatomy. We talked about his old injuries from football. He seemed very happy to learn and progress with that learning every day.

It was so easy and fun being in this place. I REALLY recommend these holidays. There are so many teachers to chose from. Try and find out what kind of Yoga you like to do and then enquire about the types of teachers.’

If what Jen has shared resonates with you and you’d like to find out more about our wonderful holidays click here, fill in the contact form and one of our team will be in touch shortly!

The 2017 Season

Sardinia Yoga-21.jpg

Happy New Year from all of us here at Sardinia Yoga!

We hope like us you had some great, restorative time off over the holidays and feel rested and ready to take on 2017!

We had such a great year in 2016 at all three of our beautiful venues, we established our third venue near Dubrovnik in Croatia, and we will be returning there in 2017 with an expanded season to include September as well.

We will be returning for our third year in Majorca and doubling up to 2 decks and 2 yoga classes and returning for our seventh season in Sardinia!

Our 2017 season dates are as follows:

1 April – 20 May in Majorca

20 May – 1 July in Croatia

20 May – 29 July in Sardinia

26 August – 30 September in Sardinia

2 September – 7 October in Croatia

30 September – 7 October in Majorca

Don’t forget that you can tailor trips to all of our venues to suit exactly what it is that you’re looking for in a yoga holiday. There’s no set check in day, you can stay for a few days or even a week, we run extra yoga classes in the afternoon or you can enjoy the local markets or the beautiful beaches.

If you’d like more information on any three of the venues and the dates above don’t hesitate to fill in our contact form or drop us an email at and we’ll answer any questions you may have or get you booked up onto your next luxurious yoga holiday.

Summer dreaming…

In the words of Ned Stark in Game of Thrones, ‘winter is coming’ and wonderful hot sunny days feel like an all too distant memory to us here at Sardinia Yoga and it’s making us feel nostalgic for sand between our toes, salty hair and a sun kissed glow.

In an attempt to warm ourselves up we’ve delved into our Instagram account @sardiniayoga and trawled through some of the amazing pictures that our guests tagged us in throughout the summer at Sardinia, Cala d’Or and Croatia and we wanted to share some of the best with you!

Now, if this has left you hankering for a yoga holiday next year then get in contact with us and we can help you to start planning your trip with Sardinia Yoga for 2017!