Winter motivation


We all deserve a great big pat on the back making it through January, most of us on some sort of healthy living promise whether it be healthy eating, no drinking or just getting ourselves to the gym or a class a few more times a week.

But it’s still cold and grey outside, and although the days are slowly but surely getting lighter and a little bit brighter it can be hard to pep yourself up and get out the front door first thing in the morning or after a long day at work, when the thought of the gym or a run is the last thing you want to do!

So, here at Sardinia Yoga we had a think about the best ways to get up and out the door and we’ve got a list of our top 6 ways to motivate you through till spring!

Try something new – has your gym just started a new dance class that you fancy giving a go? Do it! You might be great at it, or you might have two left feet but you’ll never know until you try!

Take a friend with you – whether it’s on a run or to a yoga class get a friend involved and share the pain – then share a coffee and a pastry after!

Drink plenty of water – we’re told this one time and time again but still so many of us don’t drink anywhere near enough water to help our bodies get through the day!

Eat your greens – it’s amazing the difference a few extra portions of veg will make to your health, you’ll notice the difference inside and out! So try and resist the call of refined carbs and sugars and reach for the broccoli instead.

Do something for you – whether it’s exercise, a walk in the winter sun, 20 minutes to catch up on some reading or treating yourself to a little something. Don’t feel guilty about penciling in some time to make yourself happy.

And last but by no means least; do it all with a smile – smiling and even better, laughing, reduces stress. When you smile you relax the muscles in your face and that in turn calms your nervous system. So get smiling – it’s good for you!

What are your top tips for getting through the winter months? Please share below!


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