It’s about the journey, not the destination…


Everybody gets into yoga for different reasons, Amy who is part of our team here at Sardinia Yoga, has shared her story with us. We hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget to leave any thoughts or comments in the box below!

‘It’s about the journey, not the destination’. This phrase is bandied about all over the place about all aspects of our lives, but to me it rings so true when i think about my own personal yoga journey.

I’m not particularly athletic, I wasn’t born a natural yogi, in fact I can barely touch my own toes if I’m honest! When I first started yoga I had a few personal goals in mind – I’d been told yoga was a great way to compliment running and I was trying to train for a half marathon, loose a bit of weight and finally be able to touch those damn toes! All of them very physical goals, I didn’t even consider how it could help me mentally.

I follow enough beautiful yogis on Instagram to know that people who do yoga all seemed pretty zen, happy and chilled, but I had just assumed that they were just ‘that sort of person’ and that I just wasn’t wired that way.

After a few classes I very quickly realised that this wasn’t the case and that I could be that ‘sort of person’ because of yoga.

The way I feel during and after a yoga class can be at times, pretty overwhelming and without fail I leave every session feeling a lot more chilled and happier, with a sort of clarity in my mind that wasn’t always there 90 minutes before.

For me, it became less about the end goals of losing weight, complimenting my running, touching my toes and more about the journey my body and mind goes through during and after each class.

Every hour spent on the mat is a challenge, as I mentioned earlier on in this post I’m not a natural at yoga, sometimes I can barely get down to my knees, let alone my toes and every time my teacher tells me to get into ‘pigeon’ my hips and knees want to pack up and make a run for it! But, I know that I’ve found a form of exercise that’s the right fit for me, and yes I know I’ll be able to reach the goals I set for myself when I first started, but really it’s about a lot more than that. It’s about what’s happening to me on the way to reaching those goals, the challenges my mind and body faces each time I roll out my mat.


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