Taking Time to Pause


Once again one of our wonderful teachers has shared something pretty special with us. Today we hand the keyboard over to Caroline Biddle. 

Caroline qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga and has been teaching since 2006. She considers herself to be an eternal student, learning just as much from her students as they do from her…

Taking time to pause

The other day a friend phoned for a chat (a rarity in these days of texting and social media), and it was only at the end of the conversation that I realised that I hadn’t been fully listening to what she had been saying. My attention had been preoccupied with what I was doing prior to her call and so I was just skimming the surface of the conversation, not attuned to those subtle pauses where what is unsaid is just as important as what is said.

The same thing can happen with our thoughts, we allow them to crowd in, one on top of another in quick succession without allowing ourselves to rest in that place of peace and clarity that exists between thoughts.  

So too the breath, that wonderful still point at the top of the inhale or the bottom of the exhale, that place of full breath, or no breath.  

In some ways the expression ‘yoga is a journey’ not a destination’ is unhelpful. Yes it is a journey, in that we see progression over a period of months, if not years, and that we should enjoy it as such. But the word ‘journey’ implies that we are constantly travelling forwards, not pausing to rest in the moment, to fully listen to that still quiet centre of our being, our essence, in order to be able to connect with that place in others.  

‘At the still point of the turning world,

Neither flesh nor fleshless,

Neither from nor towards,

At the still point,

There the dance is.

Where past and future are gathered,

Neither movement from nor towards,

Neither ascent nor decline,

Except for the point, the still point’

T.S. Elliot


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