Equinox Equanimity


Heidi Pascual is one of our incredible yoga teachers here at Sardinia Yoga and when she isn’t joining us in Sardinia, Croatia or Cala d’Or to teach at one of our retreats she can be found teaching and running workshops over here in the UK.

Her next workshop will be running on the 29th October at The Tree Room in Colchester and it’s focused around balancing the gunas: the grounding of being, the radiance of Self and the light of peace.

The gunas are three aspects of nature intrinsic to all  creation and all beings. Tamas reflects the element of earth: stability, grounding, connection; rajas holds the quality of fire: energy, dynamism, power; sattva is the essence of light, spirit, serenity. When the gunas exist in harmonious balance, we have a wonderful sense of well-being.

These yogic teachings correspond to other ancient Indian philosophy and therapeutic practices. Ayurveda seeks to harmonise the doshas: kapha, earth; pitta, fire and vata, air. Energising and balancing the chakras within the subtle, esoteric body creates a sense of physical, emotional and spiritual equanimity. Balance is the key to health and happiness.

This workshop is a series of vinyasa namaskars, flowing through beautiful sequencing and creative choreography. You will embody that which grounds and connects you; energises and empowers you; leaving you feeling lovingly light, peaceful and serene.

Tamas sadhana will lift you from your padas (feet) to your hastas (hands), connecting earth and sky in handstand, adho mukha vrskasana. The rajas sequence will empower the arm balance astavakrasana. Sattva will open your heart with a series of back bends, the serenity of headstand, closing in mediation and relaxation.

This experience is enhanced by the serene ambiance of the Tree Room, incense and aromatic oils.

Equinox Equanimity

The Tree Room, Colchester

29th October at 2.30-5pm

£25 per yogi

Limited spaces available. For more information or to book your place on this workshop you can email Heidi: deepmist4@hotmail.co.uk or call her on 07814 245194.


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