Summer’s not over yet!

cala d 2.JPG

With all these wonderfully hot and sunny days we’ve had recently it’s hard to imagine that summer will ever come to an end, but for many of us pretty soon these warm, lazy days will make way for an Autumn full of back to school madness and summer will be but a distant memory! But fear not, here at Cala d’Or Yoga we’re still running retreats all through October out in fabulous Majorca, so you can hold onto that summer feeling for a little  bit longer!

Our yoga retreats are held in the wonderful village of Cala d’Or, on the east coast of Majorca. Based at the Hotel Cala d’Or, the only hotel in the bay, your morning yoga classes will take place on the shaded yoga spot right by the beach – we think you’d struggle to find a better way to start your day than that!

cala d

The hotel itself was the first hotel in the bay and dates back to in the 1930’s, it  was refurbished back in 2013, so it has all the charm of an old hotel but with all the mod cons you need for a 4 star comfortable stay!

The great thing about Cala d’Or Yoga is that you can tailor the trip to suit you, there’s no set check in day, you can stay for a few days or even a week. We run extra yoga classes in the afternoon or there’s trips to the market, sailing, diving, even horse riding – or if that sounds like a little too much activity there’s the beautiful beach a stone’s throw away, where you can while away your afternoon with a good book and a snooze.

If this sounds all too tempting then get in touch with the team via email at Cala d’Or Yoga and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have or get you booked in for the coming weeks!


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