No time for a class? No problem!


Every so often life, work and family gets in the way and your yoga practice or classes get put on hold or maybe even cancelled altogether. But don’t think that the absence of a classroom or a teacher should stop you from getting your much needed moments of zen; find yourself a space at home and roll out your mat.

Now, it can be a bit overwhelming to think that you have to replicate all the sequences you do in class but practising at home doesn’t have to be anywhere near as intense or as long as a regular class.

Here at Sardinia Yoga we have put together a few tips to share with you and to help you get started on your yoga practice at home and maintain a happy and healthy yoga routine.

Think carefully about what it is that you want from your practice – is it something restorative or slightly more fast paced that you’re after? Have this mapped out before you start and set your intention.

Find your spot – your sacred space, it doesn’t need to be a whole room, just enough space to roll out your yoga mat and enough room to stretch out and so that you don’t bump into chairs and tables.

Make sure you keep it simple, practice a few sequences that you know you can do safely at home and once you become more comfortable and experienced you will feel happy to deviate from your routine.  Ensure that you’re mindful of your body and your boundaries. Make sure you warm up your body properly, especially areas such as your neck, spine, hips and knees.

Yogi’s the world over are posting content and resources online and there’s great content for you to research and to inspire.

We’d love to know your top tips for keeping up an at home practice, please comment in the box below!


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