Love to Flow Workshop


Heidi Pascual is one of the super talented yoga teachers who will be joining us over the summer at Sardinia Yoga and she also runs her own yoga workshops here in the UK. The next workshop that Heidi is running is the ‘Love to Flow Workshop’ at The Tree Room in Colchester on the 27th August from 10 -12.30pm.

‘The ancient Indian Ayurvedic medical system remedies optimal health by sustaining individual and universal balance. During the summer months, the element of fire burns brightly and our natural radiance shines like the sun, yet we should seek to harmonise our being with the element of water.

Every waterfall descends to the river, and every river flows to meet the ocean. Each wave gracefully rises and falls, only to catch and hold the next in its loving arms. Yoga is like a river that softly flows, unionising the body, mind and breath in a loving, creative dance; cultivating a gentle ebb and flow of sweetness and stillness. Each asana rises and falls with the ebb and flow of the breath; a flow of graceful synergy. The river of breath and movement open into an expanse of shimmering ocean: the self, our spirit, our light.

‘Love to Flow’ is a water element practice, exploring the harmony of breath and movement through Swathisthana and Anahata chakras. We will flow through hip and heart opening asana, leaving you energised, open lifted and light.

The experience is enhanced by the serene ambiance of the Tree Room, fairy lights and aromatic oils.’

This workshop costs just £25 per yogi and with limited spaces available please contact Heidi on 07814 245194 or email to book your space.

Heidi will be joining us in Sardinia from 3 – 10 September and on top of the morning classes she will be offering optional afternoon classes, offering restorative yoga practice: slow flow, partner back bends and yin yoga; allowing everybody to rest, renew and rejuvenate! Don’t hesitate to contact us as Sardinia Yoga for more information.


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