A week with Marta


Marta Swiezynska has always been fascinated by yoga and Eastern philosophies and has been teaching yoga for over 8 years, she is fully certified by the British Wheel of Yoga and is registered with REPs and The Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre.
Marta has 16 years of experience in beauty, holistic therapies and massage and has a keen interest in psychology and alternative therapies. Although she comes from a strong tradition of Hatha yoga, she is not afraid to blend different styles of teaching and take the best elements from Satyananda, Vinyasa and Iyengar to create her own, unique and unrestricted form of yoga that offers her students a toolbox of yoga practices that can help to overcome the stresses of modern life, illness and addiction.

Marta recently spent a week with us at Croatia Yoga and here’s what she had to say on the week…

‘Every day started with a gentle, nurturing, yet at times challenging yoga practice. Opting for a slow and mindful practice was not only in line with the style of yoga that I teach, but June is quite hot in Croatia, so the practice had to be adjusted for these variables.


The proximity of the magical Dubrovnik is just too tempting, and some of us who were happy to brave the heat would set off to walk amongst the walled old town in the sunshine!

Afternoons were spent making our way to Dubrovnik or some of the surrounding islands by boat – a larger boat with a guide or even a small one you can captain yourself! Jet skis were favoured by the adrenaline junkies or for a slightly more relaxing time; a nice meditative paddle in a kayak! Sometimes people favoured just lounging on a deckchair to recover from…well, anything that you need to recover from: whether it’s a busy work schedule you left behind, or maybe one too many drinks the night before!

There are excellent restaurants in the vicinity of Mlini Hotel with two of them being Konoba Astarea and Konoba Laterna both serving great food – the fish platters and black ink risotto were both delicious!

However, nothing beats Konoba Marinera, only five minutes’ walk along the shore towards the Sheraton. It has the quirkiest décor –fishing nets, old bikes, and wind surfing boards suspended from the ceiling! Everything from the service to the food and the vibe of the place was memorable – the short but fabulous menu was delicious, and we got the best table in town – a small real boat in the middle of a super-green little garden outside the restaurant!



My favourite moment from the trip had to be the afternoon that Sally and I went off in search of a ‘quiet spot’ opting for a paddling meditation and looking to discover Mlini and its surroundings from the water. What was supposed to be a quiet afternoon through the gentle sea currents of the island of Supitar, turned out to be anything but!
First, a scene from a James Bond movie, when we were ambushed by Craig and Susan racing their Shark Squad jet skis, then meeting the ‘just stepped off our St Tropez yacht’ ladies Louise, Deborah, Alice and Tansy! Finally, whilst enjoying the last hot rays of sun, resting on the rocks of the island and sharing it with what we thought were just one solitary man, a tavern and a few of the local lizards, we heard the unmistakable giggles of Yvonne and Holly apparently in search some solitude themselves.

We were ‘living in the wow’ as Susan said – we definitely enjoyed chatting about absolutely everything and on one occasion we caught ourselves not leaving the brunch table until 4pm, because we just couldn’t stop talking!’


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