Experiencing all that Croatia Yoga has to offer…



Our wonderful Social Media Manager Emily recently spent a long weekend with Croatia Yoga at Hotel Mlini, it was her very first time at a yoga retreat and she has shared with us her thoughts on her time at Croatia Yoga…

As a first timer to Croatia my top tip is for before you even leave home – make sure that you reserve yourself a seat on the left hand side of the plane. The views of the Dalmatian Coast definitely whet your appetite for the trip ahead.

When we pulled up to Hotel Mlini I couldn’t wait to go and explore my new home. The strong architecture set against the clear blue sky and Croatian flora is breathtaking, and a feeling of sheer calm and tranquility rushed over me once I got into my room and opened up the balcony doors to find the beach just a stone’s throw away.

I met other members of the group and then, starting as all great holidays should, cocktails were ordered and we had a chance to take in the sunset, our surroundings and this amazing contemporary hotel.

Waking up to the sounds of the church bells at 7am was the nicest way to start the day – very different to the usual alarm or children!! Down to the restaurant for a spot of pre-yoga nutrition and catch up with the group on last night’s antics. We then venture onto the deck for 8am to meet Caroline, one of Croatia Yoga’s wonderful instructors and start our 2 hour practice.

Being a beginner I was slightly nervous of what was to come as everyone in the group had varying degrees of experience and capabilities, but the practice was perfectly tailored for all abilities. My favourite thing about that first class, aside from the morning sun and the sound of the ocean as our backdrop, was the way Caroline taught the basics to all of us at the start of the class and allowed us all to start on the same footing. We were able to learn and train our bodies in a controlled way, building strength, understanding and appreciation for the practice. Even the more experienced reveled in a chance to take it slow and fall in love with yoga all over again.

Being able to sit and spend time as a group allowed us to share stories, discuss topics from the weird right through to the wonderful and learn so much about each other. I really enjoyed the balance between the group time and then also being able to explore and discover on my own.

If Emily’s wonderful description has made you want to experience all that Croatia Yoga has to offer for yourself then why not head over to our website, here you can find information on available dates for Croatia, and our other two venues – the beautiful Sardinia and Majorca!


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