Cala D’Or Days

Cala D’Or

Since 2015 we have offered yoga holidays in Cala D’Or – a small piece of paradise on the beautiful and tranquil island of Majorca.

Cala D’Or offers six stunning sandy coves, with a whole host of delicious restaurants, vibrant bars, beautiful hotels and it caters to all tastes and budgets. We may be biased but we believe that the best small beach is right in front of the hotel that we stay at for Cala D’Or Yoga – Hotel Cala D’Or! This beautiful family owned hotel was actually the first hotel in Cala D’Or dating back from the 1930s and is still the only one on the bay. It was refurbished back in 2013 so all of the facilities and rooms are to a great standard.

We highly recommend that after your two hours of reviving morning yoga, you roll up your mat, enjoy a delicious brunch and head out to enjoy everything Cala D’Or has to offer!

The streets are full of wonderful little shops including a great little bakery selling delicious local cakes and ice creams – to keep your shopping strength up of course!

Walk your way out of town, and you’ll find streets lined with beautiful pine trees – they look and smell incredible and provide plenty of much needed shade from the midday sun, then how about heading down to the marina and whiling away a few hours picking out your favourite yacht and people watching at some of the great local bars and cafes.

Majorca is well-known for its cycling routes, you can hire a bicycle nearby at Moto Sprint, just 5 minutes’ walk from the hotel and head off for the afternoon to explore this beautiful island. Mondrago Park is about a 30-minute bike ride from the hotel and well worth the visit!

The great thing about a trip with us in Majorca is that the days are yours to spend as you wish – it’s up to you if that’s exploring the local area, yoga on the deck or whiling away the hours with a good book and dozing on the beach.


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